Highlands Ranch Judo Club

What is Judo ?

Judo is martial art and popular international sport that focusses on throwing, flipping, or tripping one's opponent to the ground and then causing them to submit using pins, chokes, and armlocks. Judo is a "grappling" martial art that features techniques and training similar to western-style wrestling and japanese and brazilian jui-juitsu.

Benefits of Judo

Judo is a fun and challenging pursuit for all ages, genders and skill levels. Judo is particularly fun for kids, it improves their physical fitness, boosts their self confidence, and gives them a sanctioned outlet to wrestle with other kids. Judo is one of the most physically demanding martial arts and many adults practice Judo for its fitness benefits. Judo is also excellent for scholastic and amateur wrestlers looking to cross train or keep up training in the off-season.

Class times and schedule

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Judo club news

HR Judo attended the Colorado State Judo Tournament, taking 10 competitors. We received 10 medals for 10 competitors! Congratulations to all our judoka! See our results and news!
HR Judo club judoka